Export Fumigation Service

Export Fumigation Service As Per Standard International Standard IPSM-15 & NSPM-12.

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We provide the best, reliable, and affordable fumigation services(Fumigation Certificate) as per International standard ISPM-15 & NSPM-12 for export wooden items and grain shipments in all over India.

Methyl Bromide Fumigation(MBR)

Methyl Bromide(MBR) Fumigation For quarantine reasons, methyl bromide is the most commonly used fumigant because of its strong ability, quick action, and high toxicity to a wide range of insects and pests.

Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation(ALP)

To kill any pest infestations in the cargo, aluminium phosphide tablets reacts with humidity in the air and release phosphine (hydrogen phosphide, PH3), a colourless, very poisonous, and combustible gas.

Fumigation Certificate

Fumigation Certificate For Export/Import

Fumigation certificate is a official document issued by a government approved fumigation company as per international standard ISPM-15 and NSPM-12 for export import wooden items shipments.

Container Fumigation

Godown Fumigation

Wooden Box Fumigation

Stack Fumigation

Stack Fumigation

Wooden Pallets Fumigation

Wooden Pallets Fumigation

Warehouse Fumigation

Production Plant Fumigation

Silo Fumigation

Silo Fumigation

Packing Material Fumigation

Vessel Fumigation

Storage Commodity Fumigation

Tarpaulin Fumigation

Cargo Fumigation

Spot Fumigation

Food Grain Fumigation

Complete Solution For Pests and Insects In Your Grain And Export/Import Shipments

Why Choose Panipat Pest Control Fumigation Services?

  • Best quality pest control services.
  • Best and organic pest control chemicals.
  • Provide service warranty.
  • 24/7 Available for customer help.
  • Our first priority is customer satisfaction
Providing Pest Control Services Across All Over India Including Some Cities And States
  • Fumigation Services In Haryana
  • Fumigation Service In Mumbai
  • Fumigation Service In Delhi
  • Fumigation Service In Indore
  • Fumigation Services In Uttar Pradesh
  • Fumigation Service In Panipat
  • Fumigation Service In Delhi NCR
  • Fumigation Service In Noida
  • Fumigation Service In Meerut
  • Fumigation Services Near Me

Most frequent questions

What is fumigation service?

A export fumigation service refers to a professional pest control procedure that involves the use of gaseous chemicals or fumigants(like methyl bromide and aluminium phosphide) to eliminate pests, insects, and other organisms from a specific area. 

Why fumigation service is important for export/import shipments?

Fumigation helps safeguard the integrity and quality of the cargo and its packaging materials. Pests can damage or contaminate the goods, leading to financial losses and reputational damage for exporters. Fumigation eliminates pests and prevents their reinfestation during transportation, preserving the condition and value of the shipped goods.

Can I provide fumigation certificate for fumigation service as per ISPM 15.

Yes, We are Govt. Approved Fumigation Company in Panipat is certified for providing fumigation service and certificate as per the international standard ISPM-15, NSPM-12 for export/import goods.

Why choose us for export/import fumigation service and fumigation certificate?

Panipat Pest Control is ISO 9001: 2015 certified fumigation company that provides you with the best and most affordable export fumigation service and certificate as per ISPM-15.

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